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Byron Adams

Adams, Byron

Phone: (801) 422-3132
Room: 4127 LSB
Research Interests: Evolution of Virulence, Host-Pathogen Co-Evolution, Soil Ecology, Molecular Systematics and Evolution
Marci Adams

Adams, Marci

Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (801) 422-8001
Room: 2127 LSB
Research Interests:
Lori Allen

Allen, Lori

Adjunct Faculty
Phone: (801) 422-2582
Room: 4138B LSB
Research Interests: BYU Rheumatic Relief Program
Liz Bailey

Bailey, Liz

Assistant Professor
Phone: (801) 422-0871
Room: 4146 LSB
Research Interests:
Mark Belk

Belk, Mark

Phone: (801) 422-4154
Room: 4023 LSB
Research Interests: Life History Evolution, Conservation of Fishes
Seth Bybee

Bybee, Seth

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-3152
Room: 4057 LSB
Research Interests: Entomology, Evolutionary Biology, Systematics and Bioinformatics
Shawn Clark

Clark, Shawn

Phone: (801) 422-3815
Room: 3101E MLBM
Research Interests: Museum Curation and Insect Systematics
Rick Gill

Gill, Rick

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-3856
Room: 4144 LSB
Research Interests: Global Change Ecology, Evolution, and Biogeography
Blaine Griffen

Griffen, Blaine

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-5930
Room: 2121 LSB
Research Interests: Behavioral Ecology, physiological ecology, population and community ecology, marine biology, conservation biology, extinction
Jamie Jensen

Jensen, Jamie

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-6896
Room: 4059 LSB
Research Interests: Biology Education Research; Evolution Acceptance.
Jerald Johnson

Johnson, Jerald

Phone: (801) 422-4502
Room: 4033 LSB
Research Interests: Evolutionary Ecology, Speciation, Life History Evolution, Phylogeography, Behavioral Ecology
Leigh Johnson

Johnson, Leigh

Phone: (801) 422-5241
Room: 4058 LSB
Research Interests: Plant Systematics, Taxonomy & Species Delimitation, Evolution, Population Genetics
Robert Johnson

Johnson, Robert

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-7094
Room: 3115A MLBM
Research Interests: Plant systematics, Floristics, Plant-insect interactions
John Kauwe

Kauwe, John

Professor/Dept. Chair
Phone: (801) 422-2993
Room: 4101A LSB
Research Interests: Genetics of Human Disease/Bioinformatics Emphasis
Roger Koide

Koide, Roger

Phone: (801) 422-6650
Room: 4031 LSB
Research Interests: Physiological and Community Ecology of Plants and their Symbiotic Fungi and Bacteria in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems; Gut Microbiome; Agricultural Ecology; Global Change Biology
Steve Leavitt

Leavitt, Steve

Assistant Professor
Phone: (801) 422-4879
Room: 4143 LSB
Research Interests: Symbiosis, Evolution, Systematics, Lichens, Holobionts, Bio-monitoring, Diversity in arid or extreme habitats
C. Riley Nelson

Nelson, C. Riley

Phone: (801) 422-1345
Room: 2119 LSB
Research Interests: Insect Biodiversity, Freshwater Ecology, Biomonitoring, Systematics, Popularization of Science, Science Education, and Environmental Stewardship
Melinda Ostraff

Ostraff, Melinda

Adjunct Faculty
Room: 2127 LSB
Research Interests:
Samuel Payne

Payne, Samuel

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-6652
Room: 4029 LSB
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, cancer biology, protein function.
Steven Peck

Peck, Steven

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-4145
Room: 4145 LSB
Research Interests: Theoretical Ecology, Philosophy of Science, Movement Ecology
Stephen Piccolo

Piccolo, Stephen

Assistant Professor
Phone: (801) 422-7116
Room: 4056 LSB
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, genomics, human disease (especially cancer), data science
Russell Rader

Rader, Russell

Phone: (801) 422-9159
Room: 4025 LSB
Research Interests: Aquatic Ecology, Invasion Biology, Restoration, and Conservation
Perry Ridge

Ridge, Perry

Assistant Professor
Phone: (801) 422-7564
Room: 4126 LSB
Research Interests:
Beverly Roeder

Roeder, Beverly

Phone: (801) 422-6873
Room: 2120 LSB
Research Interests: Animal Disease Physiology, Stable Isotope Biology
Duke Rogers

Rogers, Duke

Phone: (801) 422-5898
Room: 2103C MLBM
Research Interests: Mammalian Systematics, Evolution
Josh Stowers

Stowers, Josh

Assistant Professor
Phone: (801) 422-0873
Room: 2122 LSB
Research Interests:
Clinton Whipple

Whipple, Clinton

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-9293
Room: 4027 LSB
Research Interests: Evolution and genetics of plant development
Michael Whiting

Whiting, Michael

Phone: (801) 422-5651
Room: 4142 LSB
Research Interests: Entomology, Bioinformatics Evolution, Systematics
Edward Wilcox

Wilcox, Edward

Associate Professor
Phone: (801) 422-3647
Room: 4046A LSB
Research Interests:

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