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Josh Stowers

Associate Teaching Professor

2122 LSB
Provo, UT 84602


Josh Stowers is an Associate Teaching Professor of Biology. His teaching focuses on the effective preparation of preservice secondary science teachers. At the University and the broader science education field, he specializes in phenomenon-based, three dimensional science pedagogy.

Josh earned a BS in Biology Composite Teaching from BYU in 1999 and a MA in Technology and Learning from Western Governors University in 2004. He spent 17 years as a secondary science teacher prior to his position at BYU. He is active in providing professional development for science teachers throughout Utah.

Research Interests

Josh's position as Professional Teaching Faculty does not require a research program. However, he is actively involved in researching how we can provide professional support to rural science teacher who have limited access to high-quality professional learning opportunities. This research includes better understanding the supports rural teachers currently have in place, how we can connect them to other teachers, and we can build their capacity as teachers and teacher leaders.

Teaching Interests

Josh's teaching interest focus on effective science pedagogy in K-12 schools.

BIO 276 Exploration of Teaching in Biological Science
BIO 377 Teaching Methods and Instruction in Biology
BIO 378 Practicum in Biology Teaching
BIO 379 Classroom Management and Lab Safety
BIO 476 Student Teaching Supervision and Seminar
BIO 496R Biology Secondary Teaching Internship
BIO 559R Biological Science Education (3D Science Teaching)
El Ed 589R Special Topics: The Nature of Science and Engineering
El Ed 589R Special Topics: Science and Engineering Practices
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: Astronomy
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: Secondary Science Teaching Methods
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: The Nature of Science and Engineering (Elementary STEM Endorsement)
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: Matter (Elementary STEM Endorsement)
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: Energy (Elementary STEM Endorsement)
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: STEM Engineering (Elementary STEM Endorsement)
PHSCS 513R Special Topics: Data Analysis (Elementary STEM Endorsement)

Courses Taught


Michelle Hudson Heather Miriam Leary Max Longhurst Joshua Adam Stowers Tracy Poulsen Clara Smith Rebecca Louise Sansom John Lindsay Adhieu Arok Seth Mikaya Bybee Walter Cho April Maskiewicz Cordero Daniel G Ferguson Leontine L Galante Richard Angus L. Gill Mark Mann Steven Lee Peck Cassidy L Shively Michael Robert Stark Joshua Adam Stowers Michael Tenneson Ethan R Tolman Thomas Arvel Wayment Jamie L Jensen