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Biodiversity & Conservation

The Biodiversity and Conservation major is designed to provide students with a broad scientific background in preparation for a career or graduate study in evolution, ecology and conservation fields. The curriculum includes a general introduction to biology with a specific focus on approaches to understand and document biodiversity. Faculty have expertise in evolution, systematics and phylogenetics, ecology and evo-devo providing students diverse mentored research opportunities. All graduates will obtain a thorough grounding in plant and animal diversity, evolution and the foundational theories to explore questions regarding organismal biodiversity and conservation from the molecular to the ecosystem level.

This major is recommended for those seeking graduate programs in a variety of areas of biology, especially conservation biology, ecology and evolution. The major also prepares students for graduate study in preparation for work with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) focusing on conservation biology and for positions in government agencies the oversee the management of natural resources (e.g. US Fish Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and state fish & game agencies).