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This is a major designed to produce teachers equipped to facilitate student learning in biology. It involves formal training in the field of biology as well as preparation of students as professional educators. Coursework in this major is designed to give broad training in the life sciences. Students take classes in plant and animal diversity, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, and bioethics.

Students will be trained in laboratory methods and safety, classroom management, pedagogy, and student teaching. Students that complete this major can receive a biology teaching license (grades 6-12). This major requires coursework in the physical sciences, including chemistry, biochemistry, and physics; this curriculum brings students two to three courses away from receiving teaching endorsements in physical science, environmental biology, or integrated science. Students who complete this program typically find employment as secondary education teachers (junior high school and high school).

An application is required for this major. Please review the information below:

  • To apply all students must

    • have an ACT score: Comp score 21, Engl 20, Math 19.
    • or an SAT score : Comp is 1000, Engl 450, Math 450
    • Have a total GPA of 3.0 or above
    • Have a major GPA of 2.85
    • Must have fingerprint and background check cleared
  • Retention requirements

    • No grade in any teaching major/minor below a C will be accepted
    • Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
    • Fingerprints must be maintained for at least 4 weeks after the graduation date.