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What is the major about?
The Biological Science Education major prepares students to teach secondary (junior high and high school) science with a focus on life sciences. The major prepares students with a broad foundation in the life sciences, including classes in plant and animal diversity and taxonomy, anatomy and physiology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Students also gain a foundation in the physical sciences with courses in general physics, chemistry, and geology.

The BSE program also provides students with coursework in adolescent development, teaching students with diverse backgrounds and those with disabilities, educational technology, and effective science teaching methods. As part of their coursework, students spend time observing and working in secondary science classrooms. Students graduating in the Biological Science Education major earn a Utah Secondary Teaching license with Endorsements to teach Biology-related subjects in grades 6-12 and Integrated Science classes in grades 6-8. This license transfers well to other states.
Major Learning Outcomes

What can I do with my degree?
Students graduating from the Biological Science Education Program are prepared to teach secondary (junior high and high school) science with a focus on life sciences. At the junior high/middle school level, graduates often teach general science or Biology. At the high school level, graduates can teach a variety of Biology related courses such as general Biology, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, AP and IB classes. As part of their undergraduate education, students can earn a minor in another teaching content area (e.g. chemistry, physics, language, ELL). Many teachers earn a master's degree which can lead to teaching concurrent enrollment courses for local universities, working as a school counselor, or becoming a school administrator. Teachers will often coach, oversee school clubs, and work with students in other extracurricular activities. Graduates may also pursue work outside of the traditional classroom as instructional designers, teaching in online programs, and working in informal educational settings, such as museums and zoos.

Applying to the Major

  • To apply all students must

    • have an ACT score: Comp score 21, Engl 20, Math 19.
    • or an SAT score : Comp is 1000, Engl 450, Math 450
    • Have a total GPA of 3.0 or above
    • Have a major GPA of 2.85
    • Must have fingerprint and background check cleared
  • Retention requirements

    • No grade in any teaching major/minor below a C will be accepted.
    • Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
    • Fingerprints must be maintained for at least 4 weeks after the graduation date.

Catalog Description & Graduation Map

Hear it from a Peer

"I love being a BSE major because I get to be a part of a small, tight-knit cohort and we all support each other learning how to be teachers of the best subject!" - Channing Hudson

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