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Ice, Ice, Baby

BYU biologist Blaine Griffen studies the impact of melting ice on polar bear energy, survival, and size.

Liking a New Species of Lichen

By Allie Richael May 05, 2022 03:12 PM
Life Sciences students discover a new lichen species in Glen Canyon. As DNA sequencing didn’t match the green lichen, Jacob Henrie ('22) and biology professor Steve Leavitt concluded that this scaly symbiotic fungus was, in fact, a brand-new species of lichen.

BYU, University of Colorado scientists may have discovered the most lifeless place on Earth

By Todd Hollingshead August 12, 2021 07:31 AM
A group of scientists from Brigham Young University and the University of Colorado have found a remote location deep in the icy heart of Antarctica’s Transantarctic Mountains where the soil contains no distinguishable sign of life. It represents the first time humans have discovered earthly soil that appears uninhabitable.

BYU major partner in project to combat Alzheimer's, dementia in Native, Pacific Islander communities

By Todd Hollingshead August 09, 2021 06:00 AM
BYU is a major partner in a new $14.6-million National Institute on Aging-funded project to expand treatment and research on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander groups.

BYU biologists travel the world to chart over 6,300 dragonfly species

By Christie Allen July 28, 2021 11:52 AM
A team of BYU biologists has been tracking dragonflies around the world, from Vietnam to the islands of Vanuatu. Their goal is to piece together the first-ever phylogenic tree of all 6,300 known species and their ancestors.

Meet Our Biologists

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Roger Koide

July 15, 2022 12:15 PM
Dr. Koide is currently on a research trip to Japan, where he is studying fungi. His research focuses on ecology and he loves teaching in both the lab and the classroom. It's his favorite part of his job!

Student Spotlight: Erica Conley

July 15, 2022 12:09 PM
Erica is a junior majoring in Biology. She enjoys the variety of directions there are to go with a biology degree. She said, "Everyone can have their own path and choose to do something they really enjoy doing. I am choosing to do cosmetic science, where I make cosmetic products in a lab."

Student Spotlight: Eva Jasinski

July 15, 2022 12:03 PM
Eva recently returned from a study abroad in Vietnam where she studied dragonflies and damelflies with Dr. Seth Bybee! She is majoring in biology and minoring in environmental science. Eva grew up in Seattle and will be a senior this fall. She plans to continue working in environmental research after graduation.
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Featured Videos

Alzheimer’s Disease: Myth, Facts, and the Future

John S. K. Kauwe was an associate professor of biology at Brigham Young University when he gave this devotional on 19 July 2016.

Rheumatic Relief Program

Each year a group of BYU students and faculty travel to Samoa to screen children, educate them about symptoms and do research to help eliminate suffering from rheumatic heart disease.

2018 Rheumatic Relief Highlights

Children in Samoa are much more likely than other children in the Pacific to get rheumatic heart disease, a potentially fatal disease which causes inflammation to the heart and its valves.

BYU scientist explains how dirt holds the secrets of our atmosphere's future

BYU biologist Richard Gill joined colleagues at Duke and the USDA's Agricultural Research Service in a study published in the current issue of Nature Climate Change that looks at the role of soil in the future of earth's atmosphere.