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Faculty Spotlight: Liz Bailey

Dr. Liz Bailey is integral in our department! She got her undergraduate and graduate degrees from BYU and joined our department a few years ago. Dr. Bailey's favorite part of her job is working with students, particularly the one-on-one time she can spend with her research assistants as they "grow and become scientists." Dr. Bailey's research is focused on biology education with an emphasis on women in STEM, incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in biology courses, reciprocal peer tutoring, and teaching equation derivation for students with math anxiety.

When she isn't doing research or teaching, you'll find Dr. Bailey at the piano, in the mountains on a hike, or with her friends and family. She and her husband Ben both work with college students and love it! They also love their dog Luna, the most recent addition to their family.

Dr. Bailey also shared some words of wisdom for students:
"When I was in your shoes, I was super anxious about making all the "right" decisions about my major and my career. I always had that analogy of the train tracks in mind: that a one-inch turn can make you end up thousands of miles away. But I've since learned that even though these decisions are important, you can always pivot in the future and make course corrections if you find different interests or have different needs. So don't let the important decisions paralyze you. Move forward with good things in faith!"

We hope you will follow her advice and "move forward with good things in faith" as you follow your own journey at BYU.