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DNA Sequencing Center

Welcome to the Brigham Young University DNA Sequencing Center. If you are already a registered user, you can Login. Please feel free to create an account if you are not a registered user.

The DNA Sequencing Center (DNASC) at Brigham Young University was established to help researchers and students process DNA samples efficiently and economically. By centralizing equipment and expertise, we have dramatically reduced the overall expense to the University and to individual labs needing DNA sequence, while increasing the efficiency and quality of the data generated. The DNASC is committed to serving the BYU research community by providing advanced and efficient services for DNA sequence and DNA fragment acquisition and analysis.

Hours of Operation

8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday (except for BYU holidays)

We are located in 4046 LSB

Some of the services provided by the DNASC include:

  • Custom PacBio sequencing on 2 Sequel II instruments. We offer a range of services for these instruments including HiFi library construction and sequencing, CLR library construction and sequencing, Iso-Seq library preparation and sequencing.
  • Custom DNA Sequencing (3730xl for dideoxy sequencing chemistry, or Illumina HiSeq 2500 for large scale sequencing projects)
  • DNA Fragment Analysis
  • Sequencing and PCR troubleshooting and training
  • Please contact Edward Wilcox at the DNASC when planning or preparing samples to run on the Illumina HiSeq 2500

The DNASC is supported by Brigham Young University through the Department of Biology under the direction of Dr. Michael F. Whiting and managed by Dr. Edward Wilcox.