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Student Spotlight: Eva Jasinski

Eva recently returned from a study abroad in Vietnam where she studied dragonflies and damelflies with Dr. Seth Bybee! She is majoring in biology and minoring in environmental science. Eva grew up in Seattle and will be a senior this fall. She plans to continue working in environmental research after graduation.

When we asked Eva about her major, she said "I love the range of topics we cover. From DNA sequencing to marine biology to bioinformatics to animal diversity... these are some of my favorite topics I've learned about!" An enthusiastic endorsement for the major!

Eva shared the following advice for new students:
"Get involved in research asap! I've had the opportunity to work with 3 amazing professors. From each, I've learned valuable skills and experiences. It is thrilling to be on the cutting edge of science, helping in new discoveries! I currently work with Dr. Bybee who is a great mentor and helped me develop my own project in measuring color of odonates (dragonflies and damelflies) in Vietnam. Research has been a springboard for other opportunities like my current study abroad and even scholarships! Some research positions even pay by the hour or count for class credits which is a bonus! If you find a professor whose research area aligns with your passion I can't recommend strongly enough to reach out and get involved!"