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Tim Davie

Undergraduate Studnet
Adams Lab Personnel


Tim Davie worked in the Nematode Evolution Lab from July 2005 until December 2007. Although he participated in many of the projects that went on in the lab during those two and a half years, his main focus was on elucidating the phylogeography of the genus Tardigrada. Tim was married to Sydney Riding in January 2008, and will be attending medical school starting in the Fall of that year.


Oral Presentations

Davie, T. S., A. R. Dillman and B. J. Adams. DNA Taxonomy & Ecology of Antarctic Tardigrada. American Society for Microbiology Intermountain Branch Annual Meeting 54:25. 18 March 2006, Provo, UT. Presenting author.

A. R. Dillman, S. M. Peat, T. S. Davie, et al. A Comparison of Morphologic Taxonomy and Molecular Phylogeny for the Phylum Tardigrada. The Willi Hennig Society. 28 Jun – 2 Jul 2007, New Orleans, LA.

Poster Presentations

W. R. Miller, C. M. Johansson, T. S. Davie, et al. Tardigrade biology and ecology: Biodiversity, distribution and ecosystem functioning. Fourth Annual Ecological Genomics Symposium. 3–5 Nov 2006, Overland Park, KS.

A. R. Dillman, S. M. Peat, T. S. Davie, et al. Tardigrade Barcoding: A comparison of morphologic taxonomy and a three gene molecular phylogeny for the phylum Tardigrada. Soil Ecology Society. 29 Apr – 2 May 2007, Moab, UT.

A. R. Dillman, T. S. Davie, J. M. Chaston, et al. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Victoria Land Nematodes: A Molecular Approach. Society of Nematologists. 28 Jul – 1 Aug 2007, San Diego, CA. Abstract published in Journal of Nematology 39(1):103. 2007.

T. S. Davie, D. Garg, S. Mani. Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis by the PAXgene and TRIZOL RNA isolation systems. 11 Aug 2007, Silver Spring, MD.