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Teagan Mulford

Past Nelson Lab Members

Research lab group or TA: Both

Lab Narrative: I met Dr. Nelson as an advisor for the Integrated Natural History of Utah study abroad program, where we camped, learned, and played in all of the biomes Utah has to offer for 6 weeks. On this trip, I decided to return to my childhood passion of insects, and haven’t looked back since! Dr. Nelson was my mentor throughout my undergraduate, helping me learn to identify flies and aquatic invertebrates. After my undergraduate, I decided to start pursuing my Masters degree, and worked with Dr. Nelson as my advisor, on revising the Nearctic portion of the robber fly genus Proctacanthus. We applied for many grants, and got to do some exciting morphological and molecular work, to elucidate this amazing genus of predatory robber flies! Now, I am continuing in my education, and started my PhD at Northern Arizona University in 2024, where I am still working on robber flies!

Started in the lab: December 2015