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Dan Jacobs

Undergraduate Student
Adams Lab Personnel


I am a junior double majoring in Neuroscience & German. I am from Mission Viejo, California and have lived in Southern California for most of my life. I served a two-year Later Day Saint mission to Germany and Austria. My hobbies include sports, random projects, and science. Ever since Bill Nye the Science Guy I have loved all types of science, but making things blow up is a favorite.

I work with the LTER Tardigrade and Biodiversity Project here in the Lab, studying the molecular side of tardigrade evolution and biodiversity. I also work with Dr. Rob McFarland from the Germanic and Slovic Languages Department, BYU. We are working on an extensive study of the Austrian writer named Ann Tizia Leitich and her impact on the reconstruction of Austrian national identity.

I am looking forward to getting raising a family, continuing my education after Brigham Young University at a Professional Health School, and working in the medical field.

Published Papers:

Jacobs, Dan., 2008. Outsiders to Their Own Heritage: Art, History, and Austrian National Idenitty in the Works of Ann Tizia Leitich. The Image of the Outsider II. Peublo Colorado: The Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery, Colorado State University