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Meet the Lab

John Sproul

I received a PhD in Integrative Biology from Oregon State University in 2018 in Dr. David Maddison's lab with a research focus on species delimitation and repetitive DNA dynamics in ground beetles. I conducted postdoctoral research in repetitive DNA genomics at the University of Rochester with Dr. Amanda Larracuente. Prior to joining BYU’s Department of Biology in 2023 I was an assistant professor in the Biology Department at the University of Nebraska Omaha from 2021–2023.

I love biology because I love the process of learning and discovery. The living world is diverse and complex. I am thrilled by the challenge of discovering its diversity and understanding its complexity. I love the personal growth and productive relationships that come from collaboration – learning alongside students and colleagues, discovering which questions to ask, and building paths to find the answers. When I’m not working in the lab/field/classroom I enjoy spending time outdoors, learning about history, exploring humanity and the arts, and spending time with my family – especially movie nights and road trips to new places.

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I am thrilled to join BYU Biology as of Fall 2023. As I set up shop here I will update this page to introduce lab personnel. I have funding for new PhD/Master's students beginning Fall 2024 and am always open to chatting about opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.