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Join the Lab

Come work with us

There are many opportunities to be involved. In the lab we love bringing together different perspectives and experience to improve our science and to grow as individuals. Training opportunities range from organismal biology, collections-based research, high-elevation field biology, molecular benchwork, computational biology, and bioinformatic tool development. If you are passionate about any of these topics, or have a desire to become so, please reach out.

BYU undergraduates

Undergrads who join the lab can enroll in Mentored Research (BIO 494R) with Dr. Sproul, develop a project tailored to areas of overlapping interest, and received credits for time spent in the lab. We may also have paid opportunities for cases when a specific skill is desired to help move projects forward. Undergrads interested in joining the lab should familiarize themselves with projects and some recent publications described on this web site and contact Dr. Sproul if they continue to be interested.

Prospective graduate students

Currently, fully funded graduate positions are available for Fall 2024 (application deadline is mid January — see BYU Graduate Studies for more details). If your interests overlap with our areas of expertise please contact Dr. Sproul so we can find a time to chat.

BYU's beautiful campus sits on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. The Department of Biology has a vibrant community of graduate students from all over the world working on diverse topics of evolution, ecology, bioinformatics, and biology education.