Get out in the field. Get your hands dirty. Get Involved!
Getting involved early with the department is a key to success for students in our department. From entomology to botany, from ecosystems to molecular mechanisms, our faculty include highly respected scientists studying fascinating questions that cover the broad field of biology. Specifically, our research programs provide undergraduates with closely mentored, hands-on research experiences including field-work on every continent (even Antarctica!). We strongly recommend that all of our students identify a research lab that aligns with their interests, and participate in a mentored research project. These research opportunities give students a chance to apply the new knowledge gained from their coursework to participate in the discovery of knowledge at the leading edge of their field. In addition, close interaction with faculty mentors on a research question provides a rich training environment that complements the major coursework.

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Research Videos

Nature's Fireworks: Glowing Fireflies Lighting Up Utah

June 2013, Dr. Seth Bybee. Thousands of pyrotechnic, flashing fireflies are making a rare appearance in Utah this summer, evidence that these bioluminescent insects may be establishing larger populations in the west, according to Brigham Young University researchers.

BYU Scientist Explains How Dirt Holds the Secrets of Our Atmosphere's Future

June 2012. BYU biologist Richard Gill joined colleagues at Duke and the USDA's Agricultural Research Service in a study published in the current issue of Nature Climate Change that looks at the role of soil in the future of earth's atmosphere. The researchers found that the interaction between plants and soils controls how ecosystems respond to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Gene Trem2 Variant Discovered by BYU, International Research Team

November 2012, Dr. Keoni Kauwe. BYU plays major role in discovery of new Alzheimer's risk gene. Global study suggests immune response plays key role in Alzheimer's development.

KUTV 2News Kauwe Alzheimer's disease research

September 2010. Dr. John Kauwe talks to KUTV about Alzheimer's Disease.

Corn Mutations

August 2010. Assistant Professor Clint Whipple talks about his research with corn at the BYU farm in Spanish Fork, Utah. Professor Whipple shares some thoughts about the value of a BYU education and how graduate students will help with the research out at the farm.

Clean Water Has Bugs In It - Stoneflies and Water Quality

May 2013. Clean water has bugs in it, says BYU Biology Professor Riley Nelson. Stoneflies used as a tool to monitor water quality

Undertakers of Nature

April 2010. Biology PhD student Eric Billman explains the life cycle of the burying beetle, an organism he has been studying in his research at Brigham Young University.