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  1. SCAN.UPC. Single-channel array normalization (SCAN) and Universal exPression Codes (UPC) - A Bioconductor package.
  2. Gene Set Omic Analysis (GSOA). A tool for performing gene set analysis on multiple types of omic data.
  3. ShinyLearner. A software framework for performing benchmarks of machine-learning classification algorithms. It has a Web interface to facilitate the process of designing benchmarks.
  4. ToolJig. A simple approach to building Common Workflow Language tool descriptions and workflows.
  5. TidyGEO. A Web application that enables researchers to wrangle datasets from Gene Expression Omnibus.
  6. Good Nomen. A Web application that enables researchers to annotate tabular datasets with biomedical-ontology terms.
  7. Phlash. A Web application that facilitates gene annotation for bacteriophage genomes.