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  1. How to get a great letter of recommendation
  2. Thirty percent feedback
  3. The surprisingly large cost of telling small lies
  4. How to send and reply to email

Doing science

  1. How to choose a good scientific problem
  2. Share your preliminary work!
  3. Tips for early-career researchers

Computational research techniques

  1. Ten simple rules for effective computational research
  2. Best practices for scientific computing
  3. So you want to be a computational biologist?
  4. Ten recommendations for creating usable bioinformatics command line software
  5. A quick guide to organizing computational biology projects
  6. Notebook and data management
  7. Better bash scripting in 15 minutes
  8. Tidy data
  9. Settling into Unix
  10. Survival guide for Unix newbies
  11. Shell programming with bash: by example, by counter-example
  12. Interactive vim tutorial
  13. Command Line Bootcamp


  1. How small changes to a paper can help to smooth the review process
  2. Writing a scientific paper in four easy steps
  3. Ten simple rules for structuring papers
  4. Grammar tips
  5. How to write a scientific paper
  6. How to prepare an article for resubmission

Oral presentations

  1. How to give a good talk
  2. 10 tips for academic talks

Poster presentations

  1. How to make a good conference poster
  2. Nice poster example
  3. Your title is 90% of your poster
  4. Conference presentations: Lead the poster parade


  1. Improve your productivity in graduate school
  2. Boost your productivity: Cripple your technology
  3. College tips, tricks and hacks


  1. An explosion of bioinformatics careers
  2. How to get into grad school
  3. Choosing a graduate program: only three things matter

Machine Learning

  1. Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning