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Phylogeny of Dermaptera (Earwigs)

Dermaptera are an unusual group of insects that display extreme sexual dimorphism in their forceps-like cerci and have limited brood care behavior. Two groups are parasites of mammals, the Hemimerina (on African rodents) and Arixeniina (on Malaysian bats). We are establishing a molecular phylogeny for this group in order elucidate patterns of dermapteran diversification and evolution.

Hemimerus talpoides
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Photo by Fabian Haas

Labidura bengalensis
Photo by Fabian Haas

Opisthocosmia Cervipygia
Photo by Fabian Haas

To access the dataset, click here: nexus file

Lab personnel involved in research:
Karl Jarvis

Outside Collaborators:
Fabian Haas ::