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Mantid Collecting Trips

Below is a list of fieldwork that has been targeted at collecting Mantodea specimens. Each is a link to photographs from that particular expedition.

Australia (2001)

Papua New Guinea (2001)

Australia (Tasmania- September, 2002)

Australia (Northern Territory- September, 2002)

India (Western Ghats- May, 2003)

India (Andhra Pradesh- June, 2003)

Borneo (Sabah- August, 2003)- the digital card was busted, all images lost

Malaysia (August, 2003)

Peru (December, 2003)

Bolivia (January, 2004)

India (Western Ghats- October, 2004)- gathering images

India (Andhra Pradesh- November, 2004)

India (Assam/Meghalaya- November, 2004)

Namibia (2004)- gathering images

French Guiana (February, 2005)- gathering images

South Africa (March, 2005)- gathering images

Ghana (June, 2005)

Peru (August, 2005)

India (Western Ghats- October, 2005)

Zambia (April, 2006)