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Project Scope

Scope of Project

The purpose of this site is to provide an area for the dissemination of information on all aspects of flea systematics and evolution, and to provide resources for the identification of flea taxa. We are working with the top specialists in flea systematics so that their knowledge can be passed on to a new generation of specialists. A secondary goal is to provide a site for the training of students on flea systematics. We currently have a moderate number of students who are participating in this project, and with the proper support, we hope to recruit additional undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers to become involved with this project.

This site is still in the very early stages of construction, and is a skeleton of what we intend to develop over the next few years.

Coming Soon

Complete classification of the Siphonaptera, including entire lists of species, based on the work of R. E. Lewis. Host associations and flea biogeography based on the extensive database of S. Medvedev. Extensive analyses of flea phylogeny based on morphological and molecular data
Discussion forum for all aspects of flea systematics and evolution.