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Molecular Work

We have begun an extensive study of the phylogeny of the Siphonaptera based on DNA sequence data. We are actively acquiring material from throughout the world and already have a quite large representation of the world's fauna (See Tissue List). These data are providing interesting insights into the diversity, classification, and evolution of the Siphonaptera (See Molecular Phylogeny).

We will continue to add taxa to our tissue list and always appreciate additional taxa that anyone can provide. We are able to provide modest compensation for collecting and postage expenses. Fleas killed and stored in 95-100% ETOH work very well for DNA extraction, and we have developed a protocol to remove the DNA without destroying the morphology of the flea (See Extractions).

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Please send material to:
Michael F. Whiting
Department of Zoology
4005 LSB
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602, USA