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Alzheimer's Research Lab

The Alzheimers Research lab at BYU is committed to identifying the risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease by understanding genotype/phenotype relationships in many organisms and systems. We seek to understand the genetic basis of Alzheimer’s disease with an emphasis on identifying promising therapeutic targets. Our research leverages novel phenotypes and approaches to characterize the genetic architecture of Alzheimer’s disease with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

The Alzheimer’s research Lab at BYU is led by Dr. John S.K. Kauwe, an associate Professor and Associate Department Chair of Biology at Brigham Young University. He specializes in processing and analysis of genetic data and has published over 100 peer reviewed papers. Dr. Kauwe served as a panelist for the NIH Summit on Alzheimer’s disease and as the Scientific Lead for the SAGE AD Challenge. He is currently a Senior Editor for the journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Gene variant protects against Alzheimer's, BYU researchers report