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"How an Antarctic worm makes antifreeze and what that has to do with climate change" Bishwo Adhikari - Feb. 9, 2009

"Wormherders on Ice" - International Study Programs Bulletin - July 26, 2006

Students sweep paper competitions" - July 10, 2006

"Antartica becomes Christmas retreat for biology student" - Jan. 6, 2005

"BYU duo have big lab — Antarctica" - Deseret News - Dec. 26, 2004,5143,600100121,00.html

"BYU Students in Antartica" - Dec. 22, 2004

In the Lab

February 9th: Bishwho's GMC Genomics paper hits the press! Read the News Press Release Article (BYU study: How an Antarctic worm makes antifreeze and what that has to do with climate change)

November 28th: Dan Jacobs finally sealed the deal in the San Diego LDS Temple. He is now married to his beautiful wife, Shelly Jacobs, and they are both officially old! Check out some of their engagement and wedding PHOTOS.

November 17th: "Christian lucked out!" Byron voices his excitement in lab meeting, as Christian Peña announces his engagement. We await pictures.

November 13th: Ethan J. S. Adams completed his science research project testing the effects of UV light on Steinernema Carpocapsae and Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora Nematodes! Does UV light "mess them up?" For the results check out his Paper: "The Effect of UV Light on Two Species of Nematodes." Ethan received a perfect score on his paper and poster presentation and has been chosen to represent his school at the district science fair, way to go Bucksnort!

November 12th: Bishwo Adhikari submitted a paper, The Desiccation Survival in an Antarctic Nematode: Molecular Analysis Using Expressed Sequence Tags, on the 15th of September to the BMC Genomics Journal and with the first couple reviews back it looks as though Biswho has done it yet again.

November 1st: Dr. Byron Adams hosted the ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BASH at his house in Woodlands Hills! The Annual Halloween Costume AWARD was awarded to Adam's Lab due to the creativity of Ethan Adams who went as a "computer, shot by a shotgun!" Leland Finley came through with a stunning apple bobbing performance that silenced all smack talk from the Johnson lab, returning the "Stein" back to it's rightful shrine in the Adams lab....

October 24th: ORCAs were due and several of the Labsters submitted awesome ORCA proposals! (see individual pages for proposals)

Fall 2008: The Nematode Evolution Laboratory received several new students, who have brought new ideas and fresh energy to the lab.

Summer 2008: Students and Faculty from Baker University and Fresno City College visited BYU campus as part of the LTER Site Tardigrade Biodiversity Workshop. Workshop sections were held on samling and picking, molecular biology (PCR, Electrophoresis, Sequencing, etc.), phylogenetics, and the morphology of Tardigrades.