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Lab Members
Sam Payne
Principal Investigator
Sam Payne joined BYU in 2018 after 10 years of full time research in bioinformatics at PNNL and JCVI. His research interests are as broad as bioinformatics (all things biology that need data). Current research is mainly focused on algorithms for proteomics and data integration with applications to cancer, ALS, and criminal justice.
Hannah Boekweg
Hanna Boekweg is a Masters student in Biology with an emphasis in Bioinformatics. She is working on the temporal dynamics of proteins in ALS disease progression. Her favorite hobby is playing the violin, especially in orchestras and chamber groups.
Daniel Garrett
Undergraduate Researcher - Data Science and Cancer
Daniel is studying Bioinformatics with minors in Korean and Computer Science. His main interests are in using data science and cloud computing to help others live better lives ranging from healthcare, to mental health, and optimal lifestyles. Daniel is an avid runner, yo-yo player and singer, having sung internationally in Southeast Asia, and at national choral conferences in Louisiana and Missouri.
Humberto Giraldez
I’m Humberto Giraldez. I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science with a Bioinformatics emphasis. I’m originally from Arequipa, Peru. I enjoy riding my electric scooter, eating In ‘n’ Out burgers, and hanging out with my nephews. 
Brittany Henderson
Undergraduate Researcher - Brittany is a junior majoring in bioinformatics with a nutritional science minor. She is interested in cancer research and personalized medicine. In her free time, she loves listening to movie soundtracks and hiking with friends.
Ben Kimball
Ben Kimball.png
Undergraduate Researcher - Data Science and Cancer
Ben is a sophomore majoring in bioinformatics with a minor in computer science and Spanish. He plans to go to pursue a PhD after graduation, and is especially interested in the connections between computer science and improved health care. For fun, Ben loves to snowboard, play basketball, read and play the saxophone.
Caleb Lindgren
Undergraduate Researcher - Data Science and Cancer
Caleb is a sophomore studying bioinformatics, with minors in computer science and ballroom dance. He loves the rich variety of subjects contained within bioinformatics, and plans to pursue a PhD after graduation. He enjoys baking bread, biking, hiking, music, and performing
Michaela McCown
Michaela McCown is a junior majoring in microbial genetics and biotechnology. She is interested in bioinformatics and programming, particularly as they interact with molecular research. She enjoys reading, running and board games.
Thomas Molina
Undergraduate Researcher - Thomas is a Junior working towards a degree in Bioinformatics with a minor in Computer Science. His career interests involve creating medical software that will assist doctors in treating their patients based on their genetic profiles. He loves to play racquetball, run, and lift weights.
Lindsey Olsen
Undergraduate Researcher - Lindsey is currently a junior majoring in genetics, genomics, and biotechnology. She plans on pursuing a PhD in human genetics after graduating. In her free time she enjoys hiking, skiing, and going to the beach.
Teancum Paquette
Undergraduate Researcher - Teancum is entering his Junior year working towards a degree in Bioinformatics with a minor in Computer Science, and is currently on a pre-med track. His hobbies include basketball, jiu-jitsu, family bonding, and dog training.