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Lab Members

Sam Payne

Principal Investigator
Sam Payne joined BYU in 2018 after 10 years of full time research in bioinformatics at PNNL and JCVI. His research interests are as broad as bioinformatics (all things biology that need data). Current research is mainly focused on algorithms for proteomics and data integration with applications to cancer, ALS, and criminal justice.

Hannah Boekweg

Hanna Boekweg is a Masters student in Biology with an emphasis in Bioinformatics. She is working on the temporal dynamics of proteins in ALS disease progression. Her favorite hobby is playing the violin, especially in orchestras and chamber groups.

Humberto Giraldez

I’m Humberto Giraldez. I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science with a Bioinformatics emphasis. I’m originally from Arequipa, Peru. I enjoy riding my electric scooter, eating In ‘n’ Out burgers, and hanging out with my nephews. 

Caleb Lindgren

Undergraduate Researcher - Data Science and Cancer
Caleb is a sophomore studying bioinformatics, with minors in computer science and ballroom dance. He loves the rich variety of subjects contained within bioinformatics, and plans to pursue a PhD after graduation. He enjoys baking bread, biking, hiking, music, and performing

Drew Bonnett

Drew is a senior studying Computer Science. He cares about making a difference and finds satisfaction in doing research that can change lives. Drew enjoys skiing, reading, and watching baseball. He plans to attend Dental School after graduation.

Sarah Curtis

Sarah is a junior studying Bioinformatics. She spent a year and a half studying chemical engineering and developed an appreciation for optimization and efficiency which she hopes to apply to cancer and genetic research as she continues her studies in bioinformatics. In her free time she loves to travel, spend time in nature, and try new recipes.

Ansima Mongane

Ansima is Junior studying bioinformatics. She is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ansima hopes to contribute her skills to the research world, specifically in Biology. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching a good show

Alyssa Nitz

Alyssa Nitz is a PhD student in Biology with an emphasis in bioinformatics. She is currently working on computational improvements in single-cell proteomics. She has a love and excitement for science and learning new things. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, and baking.