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Biology 100

Class Syllabus:

Bio 100 text syllabus.doc

Assignments for BIO100 include:

Mastering Biology
Serendipity Papers
and The Nature Experience
For further description: Bio 100 assignments.doc
- an example and criteria of the serendipity paper
Serendipity Papers3.doc

Tests in this class may be different than the tests you are familiar with:

Sample test questions are provided:
Sample Test Questions 1.doc
Sample Test Questions 2.docx
-If you are unhappy with an answer on a test, here is how it should be dealt with:
Test Disputation Protocol.doc

Evolution is discussed in this class:

This is BYU's Stance on the subject-
BYU_Evolution_Packet_defined.pdf BYU_Evolution_Packet_only.pdf
Readings for Biology 100: Bio100readings.pdf Bio100readings2.pdf Bio100readings3.pdf Bio100readings4.pdf Bio100readings5.doc