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Materials Needed:

  • Small wooden handle, 3 feet long (broom handle or dowel)
  • About 5 feet of heavy wire (No. 9) for hoop or a standard wire hanger
  • Piece of unbleached muslin or netting, 3 x 5 feet or an old pillowcase
  • Soft wire, heavy string or metal sleeve for net handle to hold hoop wire or duct tape
  • Needle and heavy thread


  1. Bend heavy wire into a circle (about 12 inches) to form a hoop. Bend arms 2 1/2 inches and 3 1/2 inches for fitting in net handle.
  2. Bore holes in the net handle for arm hooks. If you want a smooth fit, groove handle as shown.
  3. Make a net bag by following the instructions on the next page.
  4. Thread the wire hoop through the hem of the bag, and insert the wire arms into the handle. Slip the metal sleeve over the net handle to hold the wire arms in place. You can also attach the hoop arms to the net handle by wrapping them with soft wire, heavy string, or duct tape.

How to Make A Net Bag

To make the net bag, fold two pieces of 20 x 30-inch net material (muslin or netting) to 10 x 30 inches (A and B). Cut the material from the bottom folded corner diagonally up and across to a point 10 inches below the top unfolded corner (C). After you have finished cutting, the net bag will be in two roughly triangular pieces (D).

Stitch the two halves of the net together making the seam about 1/2 inch from the cut edge; leave 10 inches free on one side at the top where the net hoop will be inserted (E). Turn the cut edges inside and stitch the seam down flat (flat-felled seam).

To make a loop for the wire hoop, fold the top edge down 5 inches (F). Then turn the folded edge down 2 1/2 inches and stitch the hem (G). If you need to reinforce the hem, make only one fold and cover the fold with a strip of muslin 5 x 10 inches. Then fold again and stitch. The muslin will protect the netting around the wire hoop.

If you use an old pillow case to make a net bag, you won't be able to "see through" your net; however, it will not snag. The hem of the pillowcase is a ready-made loop for the wire hoop. Just cut a small slit on either side of the pillowcase seam, and then feed the wire through them.