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Things Dr. C. Riley Nelson needs from you to write a letter of recommendation

1. Some kind of professional relationship beyond merely being in my class. Tell me what month and year we met and the grades you got or special projects (assignments) you completed with my help. This means anything that I can use that shows this personal relationship between us and anything that indicates professional prowess.

2. Curriculum Vitae or Resumé.

3. Transcripts (photocopies will do, don't pay extra money for "official" ones).

4. Statement of Purpose (for example: Letter of intent, essay, why I want to be a blank, what I want to do when I grow up). I prefer lively and personal ones compared to mere lists in prose of accomplishments (lists work well in the CV or resumé, not here).

5. Recent digital photo, with your name in the file name something like: nelson mongolia 2009.jpg. A nice, semi-formal but pleasant head on view is best.

6. Address where the letter is to be sent, hopefully with the address and the name of the exact person, if possible, to which the letter of recommendation is to be sent. Please include the due date.

7. Include additional fill in forms for the institution for which you are requesting a letter or the exact website for the on-line forms.

8. I expect all my letters of recommendation to be private, written to the requesting institution, not to you (my friend) the requested. Thus you should waive your rights to view my letter, please.

Email all of the above information to