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What can $478 + tuition buy you Spring Term 2010? *Skills you will learn:

11 hours of Honors GE credit

  • Biological science 
  • Letters 
  • Global and Cultural Awareness 
  • Wellness

Skills you will learn

  • backpacking 
  • canyoneering 
  • kayaking 
  • snowshoeing 
  • recording oral history 
  • making biological collections 
  • close observation of humans/animals 
  • classification of species 

A month exploring Utah:

  • Vernon Creek 
  • the Bear River 
  • the Provo River 
  • the Escalante River 
  • the Pony Express Trail, 
  • the site of the Battle of Bear River, 
  • the Bear River Bird Refuge 
  • Upper Calf Creek Falls 
  • Coyote Gulch 
  • Hole in the Rock 
  • 3 days on Lake Powel (houseboat) 

Study Abroad: Spring 2010: Natural History

DEADLINE: October 31, 2009

Through Integrated Natural History, honors and other students can study biology, recreation management, Utah history, and writing as one subject. During spring term we will follow four water systems (Vernon Creek, the Provo River, the Bear River, and the Escalante River) from their origins in the mountains to their use in a human community, and to study the relationships between human recreational and economic practice and the plant and animal systems. We will hike, snowshoe, backpack and canoe down the rivers, making collections and observing natural and human artifacts. The total program is worth sixteen g. e. credits: Honors 150: Freshman Composition (John Bennion, 3 credits); Honors 232R: Utah History: Global and Cultural Awareness (Brian Cannon, 3 credits); Honors Biology 100 (Riley Nelson, 3 Credits); and Honors RMYL 223R: Outdoor Skills Leadership (Brian Hill, 4 credits), and Honors Special Topics 295R (Bennion, Cannon, Nelson). For more information contact