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Kyle Warren

September 25, 2020 09:57 AM
Bioinformatics Undergraduate

Focus: Naiad rearing, Odonata color evolution

Kyle is a senior undergraduate in bioinformatics graduating in April 2019. He has spent the last two years working on different projects in the lab, starting with raising dragonfly naiads. Kyle is now working on the color diversification within Odonata, trying to find a correlation between the number of opsins (the genes coding for the visual system) and the color diversification. Kyle is particularly interested in genetics, evolution, and machine learning. He hopes to continue on to graduate school studying in this field of study.

Interests: outside of school he enjoy CrossFit and the outdoors

Natalie Saxton

September 25, 2020 09:56 AM
Biology Undergraduate

Focus: South Pacific Luciolinae Fireflies

Natalie is an undergraduate student in the Department of Biology. She is in her fourth year and is looking to attend graduate school this fall. Natalie’s main interests are in Coleoptera taxonomy and evolutionary biology. She has research experience, both in the field and in the lab, working on fireflies (family Lampyridae). Her research has included the description of several new species from the South Pacific and an updated distribution for the genus Atyphella in this region.

Interests: insects, hiking, reading, bird watching, wildlife rehab

Abigail Moon

September 24, 2020 03:02 PM
Biological Science Education Undergraduate

Focus: Molecular sequencing, Vanuatu odonates

Abigail has loved insects since she could walk. Her favorite toy as a kid was her bug collecting box, and she still carries around collecting vials with her when she travels. She started working in the Bybee lab this year, doing molecular sequencing and analysis. This summer she will work with Dr. Bybee on the Vanuatu Study Abroad, specifically researching the genus Vanuatubasis.

Interests: camping, hiking (and basically everything else outdoors), singing, cooking & trying new recipes, running, and the ocean

Morgan Hansen

September 24, 2020 02:57 PM
Biology Undergraduate

Focus: Morgan has been collecting insects since she was old enough to walk. She has a particular research interest  in Lepidoptera, and hopes to be able to study entomology in a tropical biology context. She loves working out in the field, and is interesting in researching how and why different morphological characteristics evolved into the organisms we see today. 

Interests: camping, reading, hunting, and watching entire TV series multiple times

Rachael Hadden

September 24, 2020 02:54 PM
Biodiversity and Conservation, Bioinformatics Undergraduate

Focus: Nitidulidae in Vanuatu, Cataloging Cujujoidea Species

Rachael started in the Bybee Lab on the 2018 Vanuatu Study Abroad. She has been working on the project to catalog nitidulid species collected in Vanuatu and analyze trends between increased human impact (trade, population, etc.) and prevalence of invasive species. She is also helping to record all described species in the superfamily Cucujoidea online so that species and their original descriptions are readily accessible. Rachael would like to continue to work with insects in graduate school, perhaps with invasive species research.

Interests: travel, hiking, food, kayaking

Russell Anderson

September 24, 2020 02:30 PM
Biodiversity and Conservation Undergraduate

Focus: Phylogeny of the genus Chalcopteryx; Possible speciation in populations of the New Zealand damselfly Xanthocnemis zealandica

Russell is interested in insects of all sorts and particularly loves mantids and dragonflies. He enjoys most any research that gets him out into the field. Russell is particularly interested in projects with conservation implications and enjoys fusing taxonomy and ecological work.

Interests: insects, the outdoors, conservation