4102 LSB Office

Department of Biology Mission Statement & Aims

The mission of the Department of Biology is to create and maintain a dynamic, scholarly environment that fosters, promotes, and enhances learning, research, and service across the spectrum of biological knowledge.  We seek to help our students develop the skills necessary for integrating, synthesizing, and effectively applying basic biological concepts and principles.  We strive to cultivate in our students a lifelong love of learning and discovery about the biological world around them.  We also seek to help them develop a clear sense of their divine nature and their stewardship role in the natural environment.  We are committed to strengthening their faith, along with developing in each student a clear determination to fully develop their personal gifts and talents.  They should have the intent of using these to help meet the mission of the Church, further scientific exploration, and promote the best patterns of virtuous living in their homes, communities, workplaces, and the world.  As mentors and teachers, we are personally committed to the highest ideals of professional and personal integrity and we strive to provide our students with powerful examples of personal faith and professional excellence.

- March 22, 2005

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